Storing Your Stuff: What You Should Know

Published on 2/15/2021

There are multiple different reasons why you would be searching for a storage facility. Whatever the case is, there are a few things to know when searching for a storage facility that you can entrust with your belongings. Usually, the greatest priority is cost and location. How close do you live to the facility? Is it the most inexpensive facility in the area as far as the size you are looking for. Maybe it's the least expensive but it's also the least secure, does the facility have a fence or gate, is the property grounds well lit?

These are things to keep in mind.

Also how does the management treat you? Are they professional with how they interact? Maybe you prefer not to go through a manager, with technology now days you can basically rent storage online without ever meeting the manager at the storage facility. Do you prefer this? If you do, are you able to log in and make a payment through their website? can they set you up on recurring billing so you don't have to remember to send a check in every month? Maybe a past experience with a manager would make it totally worth it to rent a storage unit entirely on your own through the internet.

Once you find that storage facility that you want to rent storage from, then there are a few other tips to keep in mind. As you store your items make sure the valuables are properly stored so they don't break. Try to keep an aisle open so if you need to get to an item clear in the back it will be a little more accessible, also try to face the labels on the boxes out. Try not to stack items too high, this could become a hazard. Read the storage agreement for important information like different fees or an early move outs.

As you rent your storage unit, keep these tips in mind and it will be sure to make your storage renting days a more pleasurable experience.